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Welcome Post Durp

Hello, hello, and welcome!

Folks Who Have Already Joined
First things first: thanks a ton for joining and for helping me out. I haven't had steady readers in a long while - largely due to my own inactivity - and believe me, I'm super excited to have people reading my work again. Whatever opinions, thoughts, criticisms, suggestions etc. you might have would be greatly appreciated here.

I'm keeping membership private just because I don't really want to hurt my chances of getting this thing published someday, but if you know a mutual friend that would be interested in joining, go ahead and let me know and I'll approve a membership for them.

Folks Who Have Not Yet Joined
Welcome to the community! If you yourself are not a member yet, but would like to be, go ahead and contact me here or request to join - if I know you (or you are a friend of someone in the community already), I'll approve you as soon as I get the message.

Joining in itself is fairly simple. All you have to do is register to Livejournal, then visit the profile page for this community and click "join community" (or, I believe it is also located as an option on the top bar of the site). Tada, you're in!

Rules Schmules
Since it's people who all know me or each other here (and there aren't going to be too many folks in the community, period), it's probably unnecessary to write up an actual set of rules. The only thing I would request of you is to not repost the material here anywhere else. Other than that, I think we're good!

Thanks again, and happy reading!

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